Quick Topaz vs Lightroom Comparison - 27 Aug 2023

While processing images this morning I decided to perform a quick Lightroom Classic vs. Topaz AI test. The image below is a tight crop of a Bay-breasted Warbler eating an insect. The image was captured at ISO 6400 and 1/1000 sec.

The first test was to Enlarge AI using Lightroom Classic, then import into Topaz AI and perform Denoise.

I then took the original image and performed Denoise AI in Lightroom, then import into Topaz AI and enlarge 2.9X.

Comparing the two images side-by-side reveals that the first image that was denoised in Topaz shows significant pixel grain/noise on the bird while the second image (denoised in LR) is clean and much more pleasing to look at.

If I take the original Raw file and import into Topaz AI and allow it to perform BOTH Denoise and Enlarge (2.9X) the results are much more pleasing:

When enlarging to 3.7X in Topaz the results are softer, and less appealing:

The lesson here is to either use Topaz AI for BOTH Enlarge and Denoise, or use Lightroom Denoise AI, then import into Topaz AI to enlarge for best results!


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