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Digiscoping w/ the Sony a9 - 21 Oct 2020

I find it amazing that I've had the Sony Alpha a9 Full-Frame camera for over a year and have not tried it for digiscoping until now.  My current digiscoping camera, the Sony Alpha a7III is so good that I've not felt the desire to look for newer and better. But with my recent acquisition of a Digidapter(tm) DLM adapter that attaches directly to the lens threads of my Zeiss 35/2.8 it is now as easy as swapping camera bodies. So I decided to see if the autofocus-master a9 would work in front of a spotting scope eyepiece. It does, and impressively! The 24 Mpx stacked CMOS sensor delivers a blazing-fast 20 fps silent-shooting without rolling-shutter issues. This makes the camera perfect for fast-action sports and wildlife shooting.  I was curious to see how well the industry-leading autofocus worked w/ the camera attached to the Swarovski STX85 and 25-60X zoom eyepiece (at 25X).  The first thing I noticed is how back-heavy the rig is. I have my slide plate on the Manfrotto 501HDV f

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