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PhoneSkope and PhoneSkope App for IPhone 14-Pro - 28 Jan 2023

I received a (2nd) PhoneSkope Adapter in the mail this week. After contacting PhoneSkope I was informed that my original adapter was a 3D printed unit prototype. This latest one was a newer injection-molded model that should be an improvement. So, with thanks, I offered to give it a test ride and update the original review ! Visually, the new unit looks exactly as the 3D-Printed model, so props to PhoneSkope for that! I had to swipe the C3 Optic Adapter from the first unit so the fit to the Swarovski STX85 and 25-60X eyepiece was the same snug fit as before. Which brings up the first nit. A fit-nit. When attached to the scope eyepiece (rubber screw-on) the adapter shows vignetting along the edges of the field-of-view. Luckily, uncrewing the eyepiece a mere 30 degrees produces a nice sharp vignette circle with uniform illumination throughout the field-of-view. So, when I attach the adapter to the scope for the first time I will angle it so the top of the camera points to ~ 2 o'clock

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