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FastRawViewer - Review - 08 May 2022

Anyone who has used  Adobe Lightroom knows how powerful an image processor the package provides. However, Lightroom can be frustratingly slow when trying to review/cull 2000 images that were just imported. Each frame has to be rendered before viewing at its highest resolution, and it can take (depending on computer processor) 10 - 15 seconds for an image to appear. This can seem like an eternity when there are so many files to review. On top of that, while "building previews" the software slows the reviewing process even further. While scrolling photography forums I came across a recommendation for a software package called FastRawViewer ( FastRawViewer allows instantaneous views of RAW and in-camera JPG images without the need for rendering. The package is meant to review images for culling BEFORE importing to Lightroom. With a 30-day free trial I immediately downloaded the Mac OS version of the software (it also is available for Windows). And I immediate

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