Zeiss 35 and Digidapter™ DLM - 22 May 2021

With the recent acquisition of the Sony FE 40mm f2.5 G lens I have all but replaced my Zeiss 35/2.8 Sonnar lens as my main digiscoping lens. The Sony 40 eliminates 99% of the vignette circle and provides an extremely sharp image and 1-stop faster performance. So, as I pondered selling the Zeiss 35 I began to wonder how it would perform on the APS-C Sony a6300 using the Digidatper™ DLM.

Ever since I had disappointing results w/ the Zeiss 35 on the a6300 (Newfoundland Puffins 2018) I have avoided using the lens in preference to the Sigma 30/2.8. So, today I put the DLM on the Zeiss 35/2.8 attached to the Sony a6300 and gave it a run in the back yard. 

Good news! The lens works wonderfully, which means that my original issues must have been due to alignment using the original Digidapter™ platform adapter. Focus peaking worked wonders, and images were sharp (when the birds weren't moving). Of course, the downside of the a6300 is the 10 fps and small buffer so bursts are limited to a 5-6 frames before the camera slows down. Still, its nice to know that the system works well enough as a backup to the Sony a9 and 40mm f2.5!


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