Digiscoping w/ Flash - 27 Aug 2019

I had a bit of play with off-camera flash this afternoon. The Ruby-throated Hummingbirds were coming to the deck feeder so I was hoping to try to catch the adult male's brilliant red gorget. Using a Godox V860IIs flash unit mounted on a tripod near the feeder I triggered it using the X1T-S trigger mounted to the Sony a7iii at the end of the scope. I shot in HSS using a 1/2000 sec. shutter speed.

The system worked great. Unfortunately, the adult male Ruby-throat never showed. The only visitor today was a juvenile male that tended to be spooked by the system. I think the noise of the camera shutter was the culprit.

Its not something I'll use often but its nice to know that it works.


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