Focus-stacking for Birds - 06 Apr 2019

I had some fun today trying to do some focus-stacking of digiscoped yard birds using Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop CC. The results were surprisingly good!

This American Robin stayed motionless long enough for me to get 10 frames with the Sony a7III, Zeiss 35/2.8, Digidapter and Swarovski STX85 scope at 25X magnification (EFL~900mm). So, I focus-stacked them and got this relatively noise-free image at ISO 5000.

4 images focus-stacked
Dark-eyed Juncos continue (six of them) to visit the yard despite the date, and gave me a chance to digiscope them from about 20'. They, and a visiting Fox Sparrow, move a bit too much to get more than 1 or two frames before they've assumed new poses.

But, surprise. I was able to get 4 frames from this shot of the Fox Sparrow and focus-stacked them for giggles.


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