Sony RM-VPR1 Remote - 10 Nov 2018

I picked up a Sony RM-VPR1 Remote Commander when I bought the Sony Alpha a7III Full-Frame camera. Plugged into the power port of the camera this remote allows me to trigger the camera without having to press the shutter button. This is most helpful when digiscoping as it allows me to hold the remote while panning the scope on the tripod. My left hand is free to focus the scope or camera lens (focus-peaking) and leads to improved capture ratios. Not only is vibration reduced on the scope with the remote, but it also allows me to react quicker to dynamic situations.

Added bonus with the remote is a number of controls it offers:
1. The shutter can be depressed and locked for Bulb functions
2. The toggle switch below the shutter button can be used to zoom motorized lenses
3. The Record button allows hands-free video recording and pausing without having to search for the button on the back of the camera (which is a better location than the side corner).
4. The camera can be turned ON/OFF w/ the side switch

Being new to the camera I found the remote a great help while trying to photograph a Spotted Redshank that had shown up in SE Michigan. With blowing wind and the bird 200' away focus-peaking was critical to capturing a sharp image of the North American rarity.

Incidentally, Brian Smith has a terrific blog post about recommended accessories for the Sony a7III.


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